Apple gets nasty

For those Apple/Mac/iPod zealots, you might think again about your beloved company. You can often see how the angel Apple should fight the demonic Microsoft in various reports or forum posts. But Apple is no better than MS. Actually since it's doing a much smaller business, it takes less risks when doing something wrong. And that's what happens just now by suing the rumour site Think Secret (named after the Apple campaign Think Different).

The Register (Andrew Orlowski again) summarizes well the problem of this lawsuit :
It's quite another to use its corporate financial might to stop the press doing its job. Unable to find the leaker, Apple is shooting the messenger instead.

The latter represents a violation of basic journalist ethics, and if Apple's chilling effects tactic was adopted more widely a free press would no longer be possible, with users solely dependent on corporate press releases, or a corporate PR republishing service, such as Walt Mossberg. Which is exactly how Apple CEO Steve Jobs likes it.

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